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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Who we are ?

We are Shenzhen Kaiweilai Technology Co.,Ltd. Manufacturer/Producer/ Factory.

Specialized in micro air pump, micro vacuum pump, micro water pump, diaphragm air/liquid pump, piston air pump

Why choose us?

Provide customization service for specification parameters, flow rate customization range 1-80LPM, brush motor and BLDC motor options.
Strict quality control, products are provided with certificates.

How to customize mini air pumps ?

Select parameters in this range:

DC Voltage: 3V,6V,9V,12V,24V
Air pumps (1-7 bar, 0.5-80 LPM)
Vacuum pump (30-85kpa, 1-30LPM)
Liquid pump (100-150psi, 0.1-2LPM)

The material of diaphragm we generally is EPDM, with special needs of gas or liquid can be customized.

What are the other more services?

1. OEM/ODM service
2. We welcome agents all over the world to join us.
3. Design-Mold-Production for the parameters that customers need, we have the strength.
4. consulting service, you can call +86-13360528302 Mr Qiao, or add WeChat 13360528302. We provide product consulting service, as well as solve your doubts.

Delivery time of air/liquid pumps?

Regular samples shipped within 1 day
Customized samples shipped within 3 days

Batch negotiation

How to pay ?

Support T/T bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, other payment methods can be negotiated


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