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Mini Air/Vacuum/Liquid Pump Manufacturer Of China

our manufacturing of small eccentric diaphragm air pumps that we must share

We are a manufacturer, factory that specializes in manufacturing Miniature Air Pump.
We are located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, where a large number of Micro Air Pump manufacturers are located.

Pump Appearance

diaphragm air pump

Lightest weight: 20g
Minimum size: length 35mm, width 25mm, height 15mm
Minimum voltage 3V, maximum voltage 24V
Our ultra-compact air pump, whose main functions are inflation (pressurization), inhale (vacuum) and self priming liquid.

Mainly used in medical, beauty, health, household appliances, industrial field, small pressurization, vacuum equipment.

Pump Construction

pumps structure

The diaphragm pump circulates and drives the air flow through the reciprocating motion of the diaphragm and the opening and closing of the one-way valve group in the pump chamber, so negative pressure and positive pressure are generated.

Pumps features: oil-free, low power consumption, durable, maintenance-free, multiple options of brushed and brushless.

Factory Services

kwlpumps services

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Customization of parameters


Air pumps (1-7 bar, 0.5-80 LPM)
Vacuum pump (30-85kpa, 1-30LPM)
Liquid pump (100-150psi, 0.1-2LPM)

Beauty Instruments

Beauty instruments mainly use the negative pressure of the pump, that is, the micro vacuum pump, according to the size of the instrument, the most frequently used negative pressure is -60kpa, -70kpa, -80kpa, -85kpa, -90kpa. 


Environmental Protection

Common applications are gas sampling pumps, environmental monitoring pumps, automotive emission reduction, spray disinfection. Generally choose low power consumption, high flow rate, continuous working gas pump.

More Applications

Air Pumps: medical and health equipment, mainly used in analytical instruments, negative pressure therapy, suction apparatus, physical therapy instruments. Industrial equipment, such as SMT placement machine, vacuum control suction cup.
Liquid pumps: such as ink pump, fragrance water pump, paint spraying, chemical liquid transfer and other corrosive liquids.

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